All 2017

Tuesday 7 March
All New Zealanders are equal, but some are more equal than others
Professor Lisa Marriott

Friday 10 March
Portholes to the past
Sir Lloyd Geering

Tuesday 14 March
PMs wise and wonderful, PMs great and small
Professor Nigel Roberts

Friday 17 March
The life and work of Suzanne Aubert
Sister Josephine

Tuesday 21 March
The role of police in modern society
Greg O’Connor

Friday 24 March
Old St Pauls. Bringing stories out of the woodwork
Elizabeth Cox

Tuesday 28 March
My life in film
Gaylene Preston

Friday 31 March
Travelling in Iran repairing rugs, and viewing the demise of the carpet trade
Anna Williams

 Tuesday 4 April
The kidney: medical history
Dr Peter Hatfield

Friday 7 April
Researching the everyday life of NZ Women who self-identify as “fat.”
Julie Howe

Tuesday 11 April
Psychiatry, blindness and me
Dr Toni Marks

Tuesday 2 May
Making and managing orchestral music in Aotearoa
Christopher Blake

Friday 5 May
NZ Radar, raiders and speed cops
Cam Smart

Tuesday 9 May
The role of business in achieving gender equality
Dr Jackie Blue

Friday 12 May
Applied Mathematics: Problem solved
Dr Mark McGuinness

 Tuesday 16 May
Turning knowledge into value
Bill Macnaught

Friday 19 May
Maori relationship building at Treasury
Atawhai Tibble

Tuesday 23 May
Preparing Wellington for the shocks and stresses of the 21st century
Mike Mendonca

Friday 26 May
60 years of NZ science endeavour in Antarctica: What we learned and why it is important
Nancy Bertler

Tuesday 30 May
The state of play in our media
Colin Peacock

 Friday 2 June
VUW: A true-blue green university
AProf Marian van den Belt

 Tuesday 6 June
Victoria University: past, present and future
Sir Neville Jordan

Friday 9 June
Co-creating with a computer
Ross Stevens

Tuesday 13 June
Translation as socio-political commentary: Heaney and history
Dr Marco Sonzogni

Friday 16 June
Stone rubble masonry buildings – can they survive earthquake effects?
Win Clark

 Tuesday 20 June – Mid-winter lunch
‘While I don’t agree with everything you write…’
Dave Armstrong

Friday 23 June
The past and future of virtual reality
Prof Neil Dodgson

Tuesday 27 June
The complexity of youth offending – the more we know the harder it gets
Judge John Walker

Friday 30 June
Economic developments in China and Asia: What NZ needs to know and look out for
Prof Siah Hwee Ang

Tuesday 4 July
Living together: Aotearoa/New Zealand’s new religious diversity
Professor Paul Morris

Friday 7 July
Bringing New Zealand’s industrial heritage back to life.
Tom Williamson

Tuesday 25 July
The office of the Ombudsman – democratic watchdog
Judge Peter Boshier

Friday 28 July
New Initiatives in crime prevention
John Goddard

Tuesday 1 August
Our elusive constitution
Professor Claudia Geiringer

Friday 4 August
Digital media design and wearable technology
Prof Anne Niemetz

Tuesday 8 August
Brexit and New Zealand: is history any guide to the future?
Professor Jim McAloon

Friday 11 August
Golden keys for your grandchildren – unlocking New Zealand’s future
Dr Rosalind McIntosh

Tuesday 15 August
The headquarters of the verb: A vision for the Wellington region
Derek Fry

Friday 18 August
What’s wrong with my house
Nigel Isaacs

Tuesday 22 August
Why consumer protection matters
Sue Chetwin

Friday 25 August
Upping the ante on antibiotics
Dr Rob Keyzers

Tuesday 29 August
My life in film
Gaylene Preston

Friday 1 September
Digital futures and learning
Prof Steven Warburton

Tuesday 5 September
Prospects for democracy in Asia-Pacific monarchies
Christine Bogle

Friday 8 September
Kevin Norton

Tuesday 12 September
Frances Hodgkins, people painter
Dr Pamela Nunn

Friday 15 September – AGM
Development of thermal insulation for NZ houses
Nigel Isaacs

Tuesday 19 September
A Suffrage Day reflection on New Zealand’s struggle for gender equality before and since 1893, when women won the right to vote
Sue Kedgley

Friday 22 September
Antarctica, the Southern Ocean and a cold day in Wellington.
Prof Lionel Carter

Tuesday 26 September
The Great War for New Zealand: Waikato, 1800-2000
Dr Vincent O’Malley

Friday 29 September
NZ China relations in the Trump Era
Dr Jason Young

Tuesday 17 October
Writers and cricket
Professor Harry Ricketts

Friday 20 October
Urban development in NZ
Dr Arthur Grimes

Tuesday 24 October
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, two hundred years on
Dr Heidi Thomson

Friday 27 October
The history of the breast in art and medicine
Dr Burton King

Tuesday 31 October
Who owns the sea and the seabed? Prospects for peaceful use or conflict
Bill Mansfield

Friday 3 November
Tackling poverty in New Zealand: reflections from the 2016 regional workshops
Wendy McGuinness