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How do I join U3A?

Click on the Membership tab on the home page and follow the instructions from there.

How much does it cost to belong to U3A?

Subscription is currently $40 for U3A’s financial year, which runs from 1 July to 30 June.

What does membership entitle me to?

Your subscription entitles you to attend as many of the18 or so Special Interest Groups (on application to the Group’s Coordinator) and as many of the lectures as you wish.

I have just joined and have not received my membership card.

Membership cards are posted to new members within 3-4 weeks. Show your receipt at the welcoming desk if you are awaiting your membership card.

Why haven’t I received my new membership card as I have paid my subscription.

If you are an existing member your current membership card will be automatically updated on our database when you pay your subscription. Your existing membership card is valid whilst you remain a member. New cards are posted out only to new members.

If I join during a financial year, is the subscription reduced?

The subscription is not reduced if you join part-way through the financial year.

If I belong to another U3A does that give me membership also of U3A Wellington City?

No, you need to join Wellington City U3A. You may attend a maximum of two lectures per year as a guest. There is a charge of $5 for each lecture.

Interest Groups

Can I belong to an interest group without a U3A membership?

No, everyone attending a Special Interest Group must be a member of U3A Wellington City.

How could I start a new Interest Group?

Contact the Special Interest Group Coordinator. Contact details are on the Committee List under the Contact menu.

When and where are the Special Interest Groups held?

Days and times vary. Have a look under the Interest Groups menu for details.

What do I need to do to join an Interest Group?

Contact the Coordinator for the Interest Group you want to join. Their names are on the list of groups – see the Interest Groups menu. A few groups may be full but your name could be added to the waiting list.


Is it possible to invite a guest to attend lectures?

Yes, guests are welcome and charged $5 per lecture. Guests may attend lectures for a maximum of two session in any one year.

I can attend lectures only on one of the days of the week. Is this ok?

Yes, you are welcome to come whenever you wish.

Where are the lectures held?

Lectures are held twice a week at The Embassy Theatre (the Grand Theatre), Kent Terrace.

Is there a lift in The Embassy theatre as I have mobility issues?

Yes, The Embassy has a lift. Please ask at the reception desk if you can’t find it.

Are there stairs in the Grand Theatre?

Yes, there are stairs but these can be avoided as seats are reserved for members who have mobility issues. You don’t need to climb any stairs.

How many lectures are held each year?

There are over 50 lectures per year with breaks that roughly coincide with some school holidays.

Newsletter and Weekly Email re forthcoming Lectures

How do members know what’s going on in U3A?

A newsletter is published three times per year – February, May and August. It may be accessed from our website and a link to the website is emailed to all members when it is published.

The week before each lecture you will receive an email with details about the upcoming two lectures, including any changes.

How do I get the newsletter if I am not on the Internet?

You can request the Membership Secretary to post you a printed copy.


How can I contribute to U3A?

We welcome volunteers to assist at the desk in registering attendees prior to each lecture on a few days a year. Contact the committee’s Volunteer Coordinator – details on the Committee Member List under the Contact menu tab.

How can I become a committee member?

When a vacancy occurs on the committee, nominations are made in writing and voted on at the AGM. Occasionally committee members are co-opted between AGMs to fill essential gaps.