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Have Our Say – Older New Zealanders’ Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis

Auckland University’s School of Nursing wants to find out the views and experiences of New Zealanders aged 70+ regarding Covid-19 and the lockdown.

People 70 and over are invited to write a letter to share their experience of the lockdown and other aspects of Covid-19. All letters (with the letter-writer’s permission) will become part of a permanent archive at the Auckland Museum. This will be an important historical record as well as a resource for informing future responses to pandemics.  Letters may be written in whatever language you feel most comfortable using or if you prefer, you can send an audio or video file.

People over 70 were identified as most vulnerable to the virus, but were characterised by the media as passive and in need of protection. Little was heard about how people in this age group actually felt about the pandemic and lockdown. The research team feels it is important these voices are heard to inform future pandemic responses.

To learn more or to take part in the research, go to  https://haveoursay.org
and follow the links there.




This new website was created in England during the Covid lockdown and was first known as Writers Against Covid-19.  It is an opportunity for writers and readers all over the world to share stories.  The website aims to publish a new story every day for readers and other writers to enjoy.  If you spent lockdown doing some writing of your own, this could be your opportunity to share it worldwide!