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Notice of Annual General Meeting 

Now that we have returned to Covert-19 Alert Level 1 we plan to hold the AGM at the Embassy on Tuesday 27 October, at 10 am.  The updated Agenda appears below and includes an additional item Amendment to U3A Rules.  This rule ensures our Constitution reflects the reality of our uncertain world should further pandemic outbreaks occur and provides clarity on venue and platform options for conducting AGMs.


For the 27th Annual General Meeting of U3A Wellington City Inc to be held at 10.00 am on Tuesday 27 October 2020 at The Embassy Theatre, Kent Terrace, Wellington

1.  Welcome
2.  Apologies
3.  Minutes of 26th Annual General Meeting held 13 September 2019.
4.  Statement of Accounts
5.  Amendment to U3A Rules
6.  Election of Committee
7.  General Business

Please email apologies to Tricia Walbridge at tricia.walbridge@gmail.com

AGM Supporting Documents
Amendment to U3A Rules
Minutes of AGM 2019
Financial Statement for YE June 2020

At 10.30 am the AGM will conclude and be followed with a presentation, The Missionary’s Wayward Daughter by Gillian Marie, our U3A sponsored student who is currently studying full time as a PhD candidate at Victoria University.


Music Therapy Week  Oct 19-25, 2020

‘Keeping Community in Mind’ Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing

Music Therapy New Zealand is holding a series of live events and online webinars on topics suitable for music therapists,  health workers and the wider community in general.  All events are free but you are required to register beforehand.  For programme details and to register, click on the Live Events and Webinar Schedule below.

Music Therapy Week 2020 – Live Events & Webinar Schedule


Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in State and Faith-based Institutions

This Commission of Inquiry is looking into abuse in care during the period 1950-1999.  The linked fact sheet provides further information and contact details if you or any other family members or friends consider yourself a survivor of abuse or witnessed abuse of others.  It includes information on why and how to participate if you choose to.


Heritage NZ Tours of Old Government Buildings

Two tours of the Old Government Buildings specially for U3A members have been arranged for 13 November.
Please go to the Events page (November) for details and how to book.

If you can’t make that date, normal tours of the Old Government Buildings will resume in January with four special weekday tours arranged between September and Christmas.  Further details here.


Have Our Say – Older New Zealanders’ Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis

Auckland University’s School of Nursing wants to find out the views and experiences of New Zealanders aged 70+ regarding Covid-19 and the lockdown.

People 70 and over are invited to write a letter to share their experience of the lockdown and other aspects of Covid-19. All letters (with the letter-writer’s permission) will become part of a permanent archive at the Auckland Museum. This will be an important historical record as well as a resource for informing future responses to pandemics.  Letters may be written in whatever language you feel most comfortable using or if you prefer, you can send an audio or video file.

People over 70 were identified as most vulnerable to the virus, but were characterised by the media as passive and in need of protection. Little was heard about how people in this age group actually felt about the pandemic and lockdown. The research team feels it is important these voices are heard to inform future pandemic responses.

To learn more or to take part in the research, go to  https://haveoursay.org
and follow the links there.