Join U3A Wellington City

Membership is open to older people not in full-time employment, subject to the approval of the U3A Wellington City committee and subject to the payment of the annual subscription.

Those who wish to join U3A Wellington City

You can either register online or download and post or email an application form:


1) Register online here. NB You will need a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.


2) Download the membership application form to print and post or scan and email.

From the Membership Secretary

Membership currently stands at 1,000.

We are pleased to welcome 84 new members to the Wellington City U3A. They are: Natali Allen, Zeke Alley, Ann Atkinson, Beatrice Baigent, Janet Barkas, Russell Bell, Pamela Bramley, Pendreigh Brown, Carl Burgess, David Cameron, Diane Carle, Jocelyn Chalmers, Catherine Chapman, Angela Coleman,  Christine Buick Constable, John Cormack, Ross Cuthbert, Sue Dahl, Nicky Darlow, Janet Eden, Trevor English, Emily Friedlander, Phil Glasson, Richard & Rosemary Greager, Doug Helps, Neale Howcroft, Jill Hudson, Joan Isaac, Beverley Jackson, Peter & Wendy Jenkin, John & Jennifer Jenner, Jean Jones, Hilary Keenan, Yun Lee, Margaret Lowe, Sue MacDonald, Kerry Martin, Maurice Manttan, Margaret McGregor, Diane Morcom, Peter Moyes, Jane Muir, Judith & Simon Nathan, Allan Neilson, Allen Ng, Richard Norman, Jennifer Norris, Beverley Orchiston, Jane & Ian Paterson, William & Rosalind Paterson, Kevin Peacock, Martin Penrose, Neil Plimmer, Lesley Pollock, Pat Quinn, Ernie Rosenthal, Jennifer Sarfati, Eva Schellevis, Carol Shand, Wayne Sharman, Paul Stapp, Sue Smith, John Spencer, Carol Stigley, Susan Sutcliffe, Heather Sutton, Pete Targett, Barbara Taylor, Maggie Trodahl, Hilary Troup, George Vignaux, Margaret & Owen Walker, William Wakelin, John Weatherley, Kelly Wright, David & Lynda Young, Noor Azlina Yunus.

 Renewals progressed smoothly with an increased uptake of electronic options. Comparison of the systems used in the last two years shows: Paypal 51% (38% 2016), Internet banking 31% (32% 2016), Cheques 18% (30% 2016).

Permanent plastic cards with barcode scanning capabilities have been supplied to all current members. From now on if you arrive at a lecture without your green card or evidence of your current membership you will be required to pay a visitor fee.

Scanning trials show the bar code system works smoothly and automatically supplies a record of numbers attending each lecture. Volunteers will still be required to welcome members, show them how to scan their cards, collect money from visitors and sort out any problems.

Through our remaining weeks in the Paramount we will experiment with the new technology while still continuing with the paper system we are used to. At the Embassy, however, when we are all familiar with the new technology, we will give up signing in and rely entirely on the scanning system.

At this point the Committee is looking for a replacement for the role of Membership Secretary as I have already served my five year term on the Committee The work load attached to the role has been reduced by the implementation of electronic systems for enrolling and renewing as well as the move to permanent membership cards. The role does require a degree of skill with using technology as our records are held on a CRM database. I would be happy to train anyone interested in taking up the role. (Job description on Page 13).  I can be contacted to find out what the role involves at phone 478 6178 or by email at

Chris Winstanley

Membership Secretary