All 2018

Tuesday 20 February
Wellington – Most Liveable City
Mayor Justin Lester

Friday 23 February
Work and Prayer in the Medieval Monasteries
Dr Roger Ridley-Smith

Tuesday 27 February
Being a Music Critic
John Button

Friday 2 March
Digging up the Romans
Doug Miller

Tuesday 6 March
Stonehenge Aotearoa
Richard Hall

Tuesday 3 April
Food and Health
Jason Shon Bennett

Friday 6 April
Education and Entrepreneurship, the way forward in Afghanistan
Tariq Habibyar

Tuesday 10 April
U3A Interest Groups
Margaret and Ian Garrett

Friday 13 April
The future of work and the future of tertiary education
Stuart Brock

Tuesday 17 April
1915 The Gallipoli Campaign revisited with New Zealand women
Jane Tolerton

Friday 20 April
Current New Zealand Pandemic Planning
Dr Ryan McLean

Tuesday 24 April
Larissa Paris

Friday 27 April
Climate Change – Recent conference updates
Adrian Macey

Tuesday 1 May
Why did Wellington suffer nearly double the death rate of
Christchurch in the 1918 influenza pandemic?
Dr Geoffrey Rice

Friday 4 May
Artificial Intelligence and the impact on NZ
Ross Young

Tuesday 8 May
A Musical Life
Gareth Farr

Friday 11 May
Where the romance of the high seas meets hard reality
Joanna Mossop

Tuesday 15 May
The Banking Ombudsman Schemes – Complaints Traps and Scams
Kate Kenworthy and Tim Hope

Friday 18 May
Jury decision making
Yvette Tinsley

Tuesday 22 May
Susan Keall

 Friday 25 May
What’s more important – physical health or mental health?
Bernadine Reid

Tuesday 12 June
The challenge of governing for the long-term in a short-term world
Jonathan Boston

Friday 15 June
Biodiversity in Borneo
Ghazally Ismail

Tuesday 19 June
Midwinter Luncheon –  Lord Reith and his Ideals
Sharon Crosbie

Friday 22 June
Foreign Aid: What is it and does it work?
Doug Webb

Tuesday 26 June
Visualising History
Bob Kerr

Friday 29 June
A Journey of discovery in Chemistry culminating in a cancer drug on the market
Richard Furneaux

Tuesday 3 July
The Power of the Story
Joy Cowley

 Friday 6 July
Crime and victimization: modernising the courts
Andrew Bridgman

Tuesday 10 July
Where men can do what men do?
Archie Kerr

Friday 13 July
Medical conditions and harnessing the power of plants
Reg Harris

Tuesday 17 July
Zealandia: how social enterprise can transform a city
Denise Church

Friday 20 July
Base Isolation – a safe ride in earthquakes
Cam Smart

Tuesday 24 July
Can Art Change the World? : How New Arts Build Community and Bring Generations Together
Jo Randerson

Friday 17 August
Christopher Cockerell, of Hovercraft fame
Anthony Fletcher

Tuesday 21 August
The Early History of Anti-Nuclear New Zealand
Dr Matthew O’Meagher

Friday 24 August
Relations with China
Prof Robert Ayson

 Tuesday 28 August
Government in the Pacific Islands
Dr Graham Hassall

Friday 31 August
Productivity: What it is and why it matters
Murray Sherwin

 Tuesday 4 September
Electric cars
Dr David Bibby

Friday 7 September
Scotland before it was Scotland
Maureen Johnson

Tuesday 11 September
What does it really mean to be homeless in Aotearoa NZ today?
Rev Tric Malcolm

Friday 14 September
Discoveries in Superconductivity:  Taking New Materials to Advanced Technologies
Bob Buckley

Tuesday 18 September
Educational Psychology understanding problems differently
Amanda Moore – U3A Wellingtoncity 2018 Award winner

Friday 21 September
The new magical theatre of the museum world
Ken Gorbey

Tuesday 25 September
The Story of ActionStation: Combining the Power of the Cloud with the Power of the Crowd for a fair and flourishing future.
Laura O’Connell Rapira

Friday 28 September
Designing a fair tax system for New Zealand-what works, and what doesn’t?
John Shewan

 Tuesday 16 October
The Value of a University Education
Chris Whelan

Friday 19 October
Seven Sawmills
Tom Williamson

 Tuesday 23 October
What would the option of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 mean for the Wellington Region
Dr Roger Blakeley

Friday 26 October
Blasted by Seeds – Surviving prostate cancer and treatment and writing about it.
Tom McGrath

Tuesday 30 October
John Keats, Poet-Physician
Dr Heidi Thomson

Friday 2 November
The Infant Micro-biome – what it is, and why it is important.
Thorsten Stanley