All 2016

March 1
riters’ Week
Kathryn Carmody

March 4
Cancer, Therapy Resistance and the Surprising Role of Mitochondria.
Dr Melanie McConnell

March 8
oes New Zealand Need a New Written Constitution?
Sir Geoffrey Palmer

 March 11
Cancer Immunotherapy – The Science
Professor Gavin Painter

March 15
The Making of the Film Festival
Lindsay Shelton

March 18
ork of the Land and Water Forum
Alastair Bisley

March 22
Private Lives of Empire: Edinburgh, Rothschild and New Plymouth
Charlotte Macdonald

March 29
Sustainable Development Goals
David Payton

April 1
The Cartoonist in NZ
Martin Doyle

April 8
Polish Children Immigration to Paihiatua
Adam Mantreys

April 12
Rae Julian

April 15
ll You Ever Wanted to Know About TTPA
Stephen Jacobi

May 3
Climate Change: A New Deal? Making Sense of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
Adrian Macey

May 6
ellington: from Conception to Capital to Empire City
Gabor Toth

May 10
Should Wellington emulate Oslo’s goal of fossil free public transport by 2020?
Paul Bruce

May 13
orensics of Catastrophe: Volcanic Eruptions
Colin Wilson

May 17
St Peter’s Basilica, Rome – a ‘Communis Patria’
Christopher Longhurst

May 20
The Commercialisation of University Technology
Geoff Todd

May 24
ew Zealand Opera in the 21st Century
Stuart Maunder

May 31
Cabinet, Ministers and Cabinet Office: Is Yes Minister a documentary?
Marie Shroff

June 3
Chinese Immigration in Wellington
Lynette Shum

June 7
Inequality: Where We’ve Been, and Where We’re Going
Max Rashbrooke

June 10
reaky Scientists Who Have Come My Way
Bob Brockie

 June 14
50 Countries in 50 Years
David Barber

June 17
400 Years of Shakespeare
Dawn Sanders

June 24
WI Exhibition at Te Papa
Sir Richard Taylor

June 28
ever work with kids and animals
Karen Fifield

July 1
The Place of the Battle of the Somme in WW1
Chris Pugsley

July 5
ew Zealand’s Marine Estate From the Perspective of a Seafloor Geomorphologist
Joshu Mountjoy

July 8
The United Nations – Can it Survive, Can it be Fixed?
Colin Keating

 July 26
Human rights and human wrongs in New Zealand
Judy McGregor

July 29
Exploring Northeast Zealandia
Hamish Campbell

August 2
iabetes and obesity
Jeremy Krebs

August 5
International Court of Justice
Sir Kenneth Keith

August 9
The future of privacy: the internet of things and other challenges
John Edwards

August 12
Economics of Wellbeing
Dr Arthur Grimes

August 16
The notorious Captain Hayes
Joan Druett

August 19
ork of a Coroner
Peter Ryan

August 23
hat Rudyard Kipling can do for you
Harry Ricketts

August 26
rom Mull to Mongolia – Wanderings of a materials scientist
Ken McKenzie

August 30
Community music: what is it and who is it for?
Julian Raphael

September 2
Creating new Futures with the Children of the Mist
Hugh Tennent

September 6
Being a Public Servant in Wellington and Whitehall
Len Cook

September 9
Emissions Trading Systems and Pathways to a Low Emissions Future
Dr Suzi Kerr

September 13
nionAID – cycling solo in Myanmar
Mike Naylor

September 16
Botanic intrigues – from g-forces and radicals to Agincourt
Reg Harris

September 20
Renaissance art and science
Phyllis Mossman

September 23
Photography at Te Papa
Athol McCready

October 11
hat’s all this about poverty and inequality in New Zealand?
Bryce Wilkinson

October 14
evils on Horses
Terry Kinloch

October 21
South Island Alpine Deep Fault Drilling Project
John Townend

October 25
Thomas Gray’s Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Heidi Thomson

October 28
Mountains, Mausoleums and Murder along the Silk Road
Dr Les Molloy