All 2014

Tuesday 18 March
A Wellington acto
Ray Henwood

Friday 21 March
Keyhole surgery: The journey from candle to robot

Dr Dynes McConnell

Tuesday 25 March
The Kermadec Islands: Vignettes from their history

Steven Gentry

Friday 28 March
An insider’s view of the World Bank

Helen Sutch

Tuesday 1 April
A year on an island adrift in time

Gwen Levick

Friday 4 April
High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Pole 3 Project: The inter-island link

Andrew Gard

Tuesday 8 April
What goes on at our Interest Group meetings?

Friday 11 April
River dog

Grant Muir

Tuesday 15 April
What do unions do?

Helen Kelly

Tuesday 6 May
New Zealand in political time: The 2014 general election and beyond

Dr Jon Johansson

Friday 9 May
Modern weather forecasting

Dr Mike Revell

Tuesday 13 May
Sewing freedom: Philip Josephs and early New Zealand anarchism
Jared Davidson

Friday 16 May
New Zealand fossils
James Crampton

Tuesday 20 May
‘Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink’: Vision and violence in Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Heidi Thomson

Friday 23 May
The New Zealand coast watchers in the Pacific in WW II

Dale Williamson

Tuesday 27 May
The role of the Banking Ombudsman scheme

Deborah Battell

Tuesday 3 June
Remembering war: New Zealand’s changing international situation

Terence O’Brien

Friday 6 June
Sustainable utilisation of fisheries resources in New Zealand

Dr Kevin Sullivan

Tuesday 10 June
Transport, climate and health: Wellington at the crossroads

Russell Tregonning

Friday  13 June
Wellington’s roads of national significance

Rod James

Tuesday 17 June
Colours of India

Valerie Carson

Friday 20 June
A New Zealand environmental issue

Dr Jan Wright

Tuesday 24 June   Midwinter lunch
Exhibiting colonial culture

Dr Rebecca Rice

Friday 27 June
Linking eco-restoration, reproductive behaviour and climate modelling to predict tuatara offspring sex ratios

Anna L Carter

Tuesday 1 July
An Insider View into the World of Translation

Liz Seymour

Friday 4 July
Environmental sustainability in New Zealand depends on people, cows and water. What can you do?

Dr Mike Joy

Tuesday 22 July
Mahy magic in New Zealand’s School Journal

Vivien van Rij

Friday 25 July
Wellington’s zoo

Baukje Lenting

Tuesday 29 July
What is it that diplomats do for New Zealand when posted overseas?
Gerald McGhie, Derek Leask, Suzanne Blumhardt, Denise Almao

Friday 1 August
Recent ‘shakes’ in Wellington and the future

Russ van Dissen

Tuesday 5 August
Montecassino, the abbey and WWII: A story of fall and resurrection

Barbara Pezzotti

Friday 8 August

Geoff Robinson

Tuesday 12 August
New Zealand politics in the 1950s: Was it such a boring decade?

Elizabeth McLeay

Friday August 15
Our living city

Myfanwy Emeney

Tuesday 19 August
From Worcestershire to Wellington: A musical voyage

Mark Dorrell

Friday 22 August
The Karori Lunatic Asylum

Dr. Roger Ridley-Smith

Tuesday 26 August
From Brooke to Borges, Brecht to Billy Bragg: Kipling’s legacy

Harry Ricketts

Friday 29 August
3D printing

Ross Stevens

Tuesday 2 September
Talk at work: Addressing challenges for new immigrants

Janet Holmes

Friday 5 September
To mine or not to mine, that is the question

Ian Graham

Tuesday 9 September
SPCA and its future

Iain Torrance

Friday 12 September
Clostridium botulism: Old enemy, new threat?

Steve Flint

Tuesday 16 September
Sewing freedom: Philip Josephs and early New Zealand anarchism

Jared Davidson

Friday 19 September  AGM
My life in science

Mike Berridge

Tuesday 23 September
Reporting the full picture

Michael Johnston

Friday 26 September
Medical ethics: Good people doing the right thing cost effectively for a diverse population

Ben Gray

Tuesday 14 October
“A hitch-hiker’s guide to trade agreements”

Stephen Jacobi

Friday 17 October
The Art of Genetic Science.

Dr Kate Neas

Tuesday 21 October
New Zealand Portrait gallery

Avenal McKinnon

Friday 24 October
Maritime Law

Judge Tom Broadmore

Tuesday 28 October
Panel discussion: What agendas are driving tertiary education policy and what are the effects on staff, students and NZ communities?
Dr Sandra Grey, Dr Todd Bridgman, James Houkamau, Rory McCourt, Dr Charles Sedgwick

Friday 31 October
The Origins of New Zealand

Dr Hamish Campbell