All 2013

Tuesday 12 March
Captain Cook’s Polynesian navigator
Joan Druett

Friday 15 March
New Zealand and the war in Vietnam
Ian McGibbon, Malcolm McKinnon and Keith Locke, Gerald McGhie, (moderator)

Tuesday 19 March
From global to local: Women, development and human rights
Dr Gill Greer

Friday 22 March
Surveying and mapping in Antarctica: The past and the present
Graeme Blick

Tuesday 26 March
What a conglomeration! He kohikohinga miharo!
Paul Diamond

Friday 5 April
Earthquakes and civilisation
Bruce McFadgen

Tuesday 9 April
Mission possible
Denise Carnihan

Friday 12 April
Stem cell transplantation
John Carter

Tuesday 16 April
World Heritage sites: What it takes to become one
Les Molloy

Friday 19 April
Getting roped into science
Julian Thomson

Tuesday 7 May
Happy families: So you think your kids get on well
Greg Kelly

Friday 10 May
Don’t Put Your Foot in it! – Common foot conditions & how to deal with them
Trevor Tillotson – Registered Podiatrist/Podiatric Surgeon
Spit, slaver, slobber and drool – saliva and health
Dr Rose Mary Jones

Tuesday 14 May
The changing face of James Hector
Simon Nathan

Friday 17 May
The Environmental Protection Authority
Kerry Prendergast

Tuesday 21 May
The New Zealand Howard League for Penal Reform
Mike Williams

Friday 24 May
Thirty years of Morning Report
Geoff Robinson

Tuesday 28 May
Finding a lost masterpiece
Elizabeth Kay

Friday 7 June
On edge: The awesome forces continue
Hamish Campbell

Tuesday 11 June
2012 report from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner on child poverty
Bob Stephens

Friday 14 June
Local Body elections
Sir Geoffrey Palmer

Tuesday 18 June
Jules Verne, his life and works
Christiane Mortelier

Friday 21 June
Australia and New Zealand: Two countries, one system?
John Larkindale

Friday 28 June
How best to redistribute income and wealth in New Zealand via the tax and welfare system
Susan Guthrie

Tuesday 2 July
How Jerusalem became the Holy City
Sir Lloyd Geering

Friday 5 July
The New Zealand food assurance and control system
Mike Clear

Tuesday 9 July
Restorative justice
Judge Sir David Carruthers

Friday 2 August
So They Can: Educational projects in Kenya
Cassandra Treadwell

Tuesday 6 August
Let’s save our newspapers
Richard Long

Friday 9 August
Lessons from the Canterbury earthquake
Adam Thornton

Tuesday 13 August
Travels to Central and South America and China
Nathan Guy

Friday 16 August
Everybody and everything wants to be unique
Peter Stevens

Friday 23 August
Weather and forecasting
Erick Brenstrum

Tuesday 27 August
Justice for the vulnerable
Sonja Cooper

Friday 30 August
David Hall

Tuesday 3 September
Creative ageing
Nicola Pauling

Friday 6 September
Mongolia Unplugged – the tale of an aspiring diplomat and part time camel herder
Peter Allport

Tuesday 10 September
Bolton Street Cemetery: An amazing heritage in central Wellington
Kate Fortune and Priscilla Williams

Friday 13 September
Ecological corridors in the Wellington region
Russell Bell

Tuesday 17 September
How the Asia New Zealand Foundation is equipping New Zealanders for the Asian century
John McKinnon

Friday 20 September
Dr Jenny Visser

Tuesday 24 September
SF: A personal view
Phil Mann

Friday 27 September
End-of-life choice
Hon Maryan Street, Dr Brian Ensor, Yvonne Shaw, Dr Alistair Macdonald (moderator)

Tuesday 15 October
Grandma and the aunties
Jessie Munro

Friday 18 October
A novel method to protect the heart during surgery
Jenni Williams
What makes a superbug so super: A day in the life of hospital bacteria
Laura Green

Tuesday 22 October
Early New Zealand collectors and their 15th-century books
Ruth Lightbourne

Friday 25 October
How stable is the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in a warming world?
Nancy Bertler

Tuesday 29 October
New Zealand’s China experience
Chris Elder

Friday 1 November
NZ Festival of the Arts 2014 programme
Shelagh Magazda