All 2012

Tuesday March 20
How globalization drives New Zealand’s transformation: trading goods, ideas and labour
Dr. Kirdan Lees

Friday March 23
Antarctic marine benthos
David Bowden

Tuesday March 27
The Global Financial System – Reflections on the current crisis
Dennis Rose

Friday March 30
Genetics and the Origin of Polynesians
Dr. Geoff Chambers

Tuesday April 3
Revisiting what the French call “Le Grand Siècle” – Part 1
Christiane Mortelier

Tuesday April 24
Revisiting what the French call “Le Grand Siècle” – Part 2

Christiane Mortelier

Friday April 27
What We Owe to Ancient Iraq
Professor Lloyd Geering

Tuesday May 1
The Hellenistic Age 323-30 BC – Part 1

Matthew Trundle

Friday May 4
Fukushima & Nuclear Power

Murray Bartle

Tuesday May 8
The Hellenistic Age 323-30 BC – Part 2

Matthew Trundle

Friday May 11
The Measurement of Poverty

Bob Stephens

Tuesday May 15
The Hellenistic Age 323-30 BC – Part 3

Matthew Trundle

Friday May 18
New Zealand’s 100% pure delusion; the inconvenient reality

Dr. Mike Joy

Tuesday May 22
Religion of Islam

Negar Partow

Friday May 25
Bring light and cleanliness to the masses – a brief history of lighting and hot water in New Zealand
Nigel Isaacs

Tuesday May 29
The Arab Spring
Alex Maxwell

Friday June 1
Department of Conservation – Works

Tom Williamson

Tuesday June 5
The Bible and Literature

David Norton

Friday June 8
Changes to Sleep with Ageing, Dementia and Caregiving

Rose Gibson

Tuesday June 12
Standing Firm on Heritage: Building Resilience in the Face of Change

Shonagh Kenderdine

Friday June 15
Telling Stories in Spaces

James McLean

Tuesday June 19
Pasifika Education at Victoria University

Winnie Laban

Friday June 22
Introduction to Sufism and Rumi

Dr. Art Beuhler

Tuesday 17 July
A Wellington Woman in China 1930-1945: Observations from Agnes Moncrieff when an International secretary with the YWCA of China.

Barbara Francis

Friday 20 July
Real Life meets theory: the hermaphrodite and the sexologist

Mani Mitchell and Dame Margaret Sparrow

Tuesday 24 July
Diplomatic Ladies: New Zealand’s unsung Envoys

Joanna Woods

Friday 27 July
The development of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft

Bob Ellison

Tuesday 31 July
A playwright’s career

Dave Armstrong

Friday 3 August
To get to the other side

Bob Norman

Tuesday 7 August
Pickwick Club of Wellington

Lydia Wevers

Friday 10 August
Don Merton: the man who saved the Black Robin

Alison Ballance

Tuesday 14 August
Global economy

John McDermott

Friday 17 August
Lost in translation

Vicky Watson & Naomi Scow

Tuesday 21 August
Gallipoli – a health hazard

Roger Ridley-Smith

Friday 24 August
The origins of Todd Energy, where it is today and where it is heading

John Palmer

Tuesday 28 August
Maori in Australia: a history of risk and opportunity

Paul Hamer

Friday 31 August
New Zealand at the click of a mouse: Te Ara: Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Jock Phillips

Tuesday 4 September
French Influences on the English Country House

David Maskill

Friday 7 September
Fraud, deception and drugs

Dallas Mildenhall

Tuesday 11 September
New Zealand’s Oil & Gas Heritage

David Robinson

Friday 14 September
To Quit or not to Quit

Peter Martin

Tuesday 18 September
Prime Ministers of New Zealand

Michael Bassett

Friday 21 September
AGM then ‘Green’ Concrete

Ken MacKenzie:

Tuesday 25 September
Kauri – The History

Tom Williamson

Tuesday 16 October
Charles Dickens – the literary reporter

Nikki Hessell

Friday 19 October
From vine to wine: Linking grape chemistry to wine flavour and aroma

Rob Keyzers

Tuesday 23 October
Joan of Arc in New Age Spirituality

Heather Kavan

Friday 26 October
A surgeon in Vietnam

Michael Shackleton

Tuesday 30 October
Making Festivals Matter in the 21st Century

Shelagh Magadza

Friday 2 November
Researching, Writing and Publishing Local & National History

Judy Siers