All 2011

Tuesday March 15
Telling our own stories on stage and screen and from behind the camera
Miranda Harcourt

Friday March 18
Our relationship with our natural capital
Dr Morgan Williams

Tuesday March 22
Is There a Better Way? Rethinking Crime and Punishment

Kim Workman

Friday March 25
To Russia with love … and danger
Chris King

Tuesday March 29
Charles de Gaulle as a writer
Christiane Mortelier

Friday April 1
Time to eat the dog? The real guide to sustainable living
Professors Robert and Brenda Vale

Tuesday April 5
Roman Society Part 1 – The structure of Roman society, particularly looking at the poor
Professor Arthur Pomeroy

Friday April 8
North Pole South Pole – a search for the cause of magnetism
Dr Gillian Turner

Tuesday April 12
Roman Society Part 2: Staying Alive – Food and Security
Professor Arthur Pomeroy

Friday May 6
Some climate change questions: has 2010 been a turning point?
Professor Martin Manning

Tuesday May 10
James K Baxter on Mythology
Dr Geoff Miles

Friday May 13
The establishment of Scott Base, Antarctic 1956-7
Randal Heke

Tuesday May 17
The Governors of New Zealand – their public and private lives
Gavin McLean

Friday May 20
The 2010 Canterbury Earthquake and what it means for New Zealand
Dr John Beavan

Tuesday May 24
Who Were Our Pakeha Ancestors? – Immigrants from Britain and Ireland from 1800 to 1945
Jock Phillips

Friday May 27
Generating resilience – civil defence and emergency management in New Zealand
John Hamilton

Tuesday May 31
The duty of care of the State, and the Confidential Listening and Assistance service, a truth and reconciliation model for New Zealand.
Judge Carolyn Henwood

Friday June 10
Marine and Coastal Area Bill
Hon Chris Finlayson

Tuesday June 14
The Wreck of the General Grant
Ken Scadden

Friday June 17
Museums – past and future
Mike Houlihan

Tuesday June 21
New Zealand Cartoons of the 1950s and 1960s
Pauline Hannah

Friday June 24
A Diplomat’s Story
George Cunningham

Friday July 1
New Zealand’s mineral bounty
Ian Graham

Tuesday July 5
Is the NZ Supreme Court a worthy successor to the Privy Council? – This and other perspectives from a criminal defence lawyer
Greg King

Friday July 8
The Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology
Associate Professor Ben Bell

Tuesday July 12
The Next Generation
Colin James

Friday August 5
Transplantation and the law
Dr Peter Hatfield

Tuesday August 9
Life in Ancient Sparta (1)
Dr Matthew Trundle

Friday August 12
Strawberry Birthmark – A Quest to Find a Better Treatment
Professor Swee Tan

Tuesday August 16
Life in Ancient Sparta (2)
Dr Matthew Trundle

Friday August 19
Glenys Moir

Tuesday August 23
Magic at the court of Queen Elizabeth 1
Dr Glyn Parry

Friday August 26
Exotic Origins
– Four of our members: Anke Atkins, Alfie Des Tombe, Inna Grbich and Krystine Tomaszyk will talk about their early years growing up in a different culture.

Tuesday August 30
John Mulgan and Report on Experience
Dr Peter Whiteford

Friday September 2 (Annual General Meeting)
The latest advances in the treatment of disease and a global perspective of the needs of human health
Professor Graham Le Gros

Tuesday September 6
“Larks’ Tongues in Mead.”
Duncan Galletly

Friday September 9
Water – the new carbon?
Murray Gibb

Tuesday September 13
Italy in crime fiction
Barbara Pezzotti

Friday September 16
The Evolution of the Universe
John Field

Tuesday September 20
Kiwirail; Wellington Station Entry Project- Increasing Capacity
Peter Twomey, Engineer – Project Director, Beca and Keith Robertson Engineer – Project Manager

Friday 23 September
How to achieve optimal compliance with fisheries legislation
Dean Baigent

Tuesday September 27
Building Design for the 21st Century
Matthew Lander

Friday September 30
Speak up! is anonymous
Lou Gardiner

Tuesday October 4
First views of Wellington, 1840-1900
Marian Minson