All 2010

Tuesday March 23
Six months writing in Menton, France
Jenny Pattrick

Friday March 26
How to grow cannabis and (not) get away with murder
Glenys Knight

Tuesday March 30
Contemporary New Zealand Theatre

David O’Donnell

Friday April 23
A Brief History of Botanical Art
Sue Wickison

Tuesday April 27
New Directions for our National Library

Penny Carnaby

Friday April 30
The Four Horsemen of the New Enlightenment Ride Out

Geoff Chambers

Tuesday May 4
Ulysses: the banned book and the film

Bill Hastings

Friday May 7
The Tenths Trust

Sir Ngatata Love

Tuesday May 11
Rediscovering a City:  historic archaeology in central Wellington

Dr Rick McGovern-Wilson

Friday May 14
The Paradox of Aid: Non
Governmental Organisations’ responses to people trafficking
Chris Frazer

Tuesday May 18
The Grand Tour of Italy from 17-19th century

Catherine Trundle

Friday May 21
Antarctica Ice Sheets in a Warmer World

Professor Tim Naish

Tuesday May 25

Dame Fiona Kidman

Friday May 28
Update of ‘Ghosts of Gondwana’

Dr George Gibbs

Tuesday June 1
Revitalising a City – the challenges of economics and heritage

Robert McLean, Snr. & Alison Dangerfield

Friday June 11
Dangerous Goddesses – or why you should never
upset the Pharaoh’s divine mother
Sarah Vidler

Tuesday June 15
Privacy: personal, social and political

Marie Shroff

Friday June 18
The origins of New Zealand: the fossil evidence

Dr Hamish Campbell

Tuesday June 22
When Trams were Trumps in Wellington

Graham Stewart

Friday June 25
Denouncing Darwin

Wyn Beasley

Friday July 23
Cooking the Planet: The Economics and Politics of Climate Change
Professor Jonathan Boston

Tuesday July 27
An Absence of Occidentals: Thoughts on Asian Cities in the 21st Century
Dr Malcolm McKinnon

Friday July 30
Out of Sight out of Mind?
Helen Kettles

Tuesday August 3
Religions in
New Zealand: Dialogue, Diversity, Directions
Professor Paul Morris

Friday August 6
Albatrosses on my Doorstep
Chris Robertson

Tuesday August 10
Investigations of Electronic Crime
Maarten Kleintjes

Friday August 13
Golden Wool – Nanoscience Adds Value to NZ Wool
Professor Jim Johnston

Tuesday August 17
By Fire Rocks and Ice – Hazards of Nineteenth Century Ship Travel to New Zealand

Ken Scadden

Friday August 20
Graduate Students’ Research Projects:
Gesine Pufal (VUW): The influence of a rain operated opening mechanism on dispersal strategies in New Zealand alpine Veronica
Bindi Thomas (Massey): The use of satellite tracking technology to track wildlife. A case study approach

Tuesday August 24
‘A Tortuous and Ungodly Jumble.’, How can we Make the Law Easier to Read and Understand?
Professor John Burrows QC

Friday August 27
Reserves and Walkways Development via Policy

David Halliday

Tuesday August 31
The Disputes Tribunal: the Work it Does and Where it Fits into the Legal Process
Judge Peter Spiller

Friday September 3
Who are the Russian Mennonites?
Dr James Urry

Tuesday September 7
The Greenwoods at home and abroad
Tony Mackle

Friday September 10
Kiwis in the Hindu Kush
Major Jon Martin

Tuesday September 14
Living in Ancient
Greece  Part 1
Dr Matthew Trundle

Friday September 17  AGM
What has Happened to the Tree of Life?
Dr Bob Brockie

Tuesday September 21
Living in Ancient
Greece  Part 2
Dr Matthew Trundle

Friday October 15
South Africa – A Personal Perspective

Michael Hodgen

Tuesday October 19
“Hey! Stop that! What on Earth D’you Think You’re Playing at?”
Antonia Forest, the Danger of Fantasy and Other Matters
Associate Professor Harry Ricketts

Friday October 22
Food Allergy – is Skin – Deep so Superficial After All?
Dr Elizabeth Forbes

Friday October 29
Catching Crooks and Fighting Felons
Trevor Morley

Tuesday November 2
Youth, Alcohol and Drugs
Murray Trenberth