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Tuesday 5 March

Making Wellington Wildly Famous
Lance Walker

Friday 8 March

Penguins, polynyas and ice ceilings: reflections on Antarctica
Associate Professor Rebecca Priestley

Tuesday 12 March

Investigative Journalism – Checks and Balances
Nicky Hager

Friday 15 March

Journey towards Justice –Beyond 2019
Sir Kim Workman

Tuesday 19 March

Interest Groups
Margaret and Ian Garrett

Friday 22 March

This Mortal Boy – moral panic and retribution in the 1950s
Dame Fiona Kidman

Tuesday 26 March

How Music Changes Lives
Virtuoso Strings

Friday 29 March

Has membership of the Open Government Partnership made any difference to open government in New Zealand?
Keitha Booth

Tuesday 2 April 

Lessons from a grassroots campaign to double refugee quota
Murdoch Stephens

Friday 5 April

Discovering Ferns
Dr Leon Perrie

Tuesday 9 April

What gender equality means today, here and internationally
Dr Gill Greer

 Friday 12 April

Developing new lures to control rats
Dr Rob Keyzers & Dr Michael Jackson

Tuesday 30 April

The NZ Portrait Gallery
Jaenine Parkinson

Friday 3 May

A Vision for Kiwibuild based upon co-operation
Andre de Groot

Tuesday 7 May

The First Emperor of the Qin: Reflections on a recent exhibition
Duncan Campbell

Friday 10 May

Actually sports commentaries are not boring
Emeritus Professor Koenraad Kuiper

Tuesday 14 May

Ian Goodwin

Friday 17 May

Surviving the war was not enough
Barbara Mulligan

Tuesday 21 May

Impacts of sexual assault
Dr Linda Beckett

Friday 24 May

Using genes to detect and treat diseases
Professor David Ackerley

Tuesday 28 May

Privatisation failed – so how do we fix government?
Max Rashbrooke

Friday 31 May

Electricity Industry Prices and Profits
Dr Geoff Bertram

Tuesday 4 June

Barry Durrant

Friday 7 June

Aotearoa NZ and Italy: links to ensure our access to world-class early childhood education
Dr Anne Meade

Tuesday 11 June

Child and Youth Wellbeing Report
Judge Andrew Becroft

Friday 14 June

Autoimmunity: The consequences of losing your immune balance
Professor Anne LaFlamme

Tuesday 18 June

An Interview                                                                                                                   Lindsay Perigo

Friday 21 June

Shakespeare on Political Violence and Warfare
Burton King

Tuesday 25 June – MidWinter Luncheon

Friday 28 June

Future Directions in New Zealand Schooling
Rob McIntosh

 Tuesday 2 July  

Dame Winnie Laban

Tuesday 9 July

GOVERNOR GENERAL’S HOME                                  OWEN MANN &        WELLINGTON- HISTORY.                                                   HEATHER MILLS

Friday 12 July

Unmaking American Greatness: Trump, Populism and American foreign policy
Emeritus Professor Roberto Rabel

Tuesday 16 July

Existential Risk in the 21st Century: The challenge to the UN and Multilateralism.
Kennedy Graham

Friday 19 July

How DNA from museum collections is informing our understanding of New Zealand’s plants and animals
Dr Lara Shepherd

Tuesday 20 August

Sex Workers Stepping Forward
Dame Catherine Healy

Friday 23 August

Challenging dogma in clinical research
Professor Richard Beasley

Tuesday 27 August 2019

A Multiplicity of Rhapsodies                                                                                      Richard Keller

Friday 30 August

Pain, Opioids and the global addiction crisis
Associate Professor Bronwyn Kivell

Tuesday 3 September

Dance Teacher Taonga – NZ and the World
Deirdre Tarrant

Friday 6 September

Should we all have some knowledge of Te Reo?
Professor Rawinia Higgins

Tuesday 10th September

Transmission Gully – from concept to construction
Craig Nicholson

 Friday 13 September –  AGM
AGM Speaker
Meandering with Mansfield
Redmer Yska

Tuesday 17 September

Gentlemen art thieves and their art: Enduring myths and great art
Arthur Tompkins

Friday 20 September

Whose child? Our outdated adoption laws
Anne Else

Tuesday 24 September

The World lacks progressive leadership – could NZ provide some?
Thomas Nash

Friday 27 September

What comes after Jacinda?
Colin James

Tuesday 15 October

Sound Sculptures
Paul Dunham

Friday 18 October

Flying High – The Photography of Lloyd Homer
Simon Nathan

Tuesday 22 October

Orchestra Wellington
Kirsten Mason

Friday 25 October

History of our Health System
Dr Alastair Mcdonald

Tuesday 29 October

Bougainville Conflict 20 Years On
Brigadier Roger Mortlock

Friday 1 November

Scandalous Past Times of the Parisian Belle Epoque
Dr Wendy Nolan Joyce