Material from lectures

From time to time speakers provide material relevant to their lectures that can be posted on our web site. Links to such material will be placed here. Presentations will be available for about 12 months before being removed.

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David Bibby (4/9/2018)
Electric Cars

Stephanie McIntyre (11/9/2018)
Homeless in New Zealand (video)

Rod Badcock (14/9/2018)

Amanda Moore (18/9/2018)
Educational Psychology

Ken Gorbey (21/9/2018)
Museums as Magical Theatre

John Shewan (28/9/2018)
Tax system for NZ

Chris Whelan (14/10/2018)
Value of Universities

Roger Blakeley (23/10/2018)
Making Wellington Net Zero Carbon

Tom McGrath (26/10/2018)
Prostate cancer

Heidi Thomson (30/10/2018)
John Keats

Thorsten Stanley (2/11/2018)
The Infant Biome

Lance Walker (5/3/2019)
Wellington WREDA

Sir Kim Workman (15/3/2019)
Journey Towards Justice

Keitha Booth (29/3/2019)
Open Government
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Murdoch Stephen (02/04/19)
Campaign to Double Refugee Quota
Lecture Notes

Leon Perrie (05/14019)
Discovering Ferns
Lecture Notes

Gill Greer (09/04/19)
What Gender Equality Means
Lecture Notes

Rob Keyzers (12/04/19)
Superlures (Trapping pests in Wellington)
Lecture Notes

Jaenine Parkinson (30/04/19)
NZ Portrait Gallery
Lecture Notes

Andre de Groot (03/05/19)
My vision for Kiwibuild
Lecture Notes

Duncan Campbell (07/05/19)
Qin Empire and First Emperor
Lecture Notes

Koenraad Kuiper (10/05/19)
Sports Commentaries and Linguistics
Lecture Notes

Ian Goodwin (14/05/19)
Lecture Notes

Barbara Mulligan (17/05/19)
Karori Cemetery
Lecture Notes

Linda Beckett (21/05/19)
Impacts of Sexual Violence
Lecture Notes

David Ackerley (24/05/19)
Genes, Gene Therapy and Patents
Lecture Notes

Max Rashbrooke (28/05/19)
Government for the Public Good
Lecture Notes

Geoff Bertram (31/05/19)
Electricity Pricing and Profits
Lecture Notes

Anne Meade (07/06/19)
Children’s Education
Lecture Notes 

Judge Andrew Becroft (11/06/19)
Better Outcomes for NZ’s Youth
Lecture Notes

Prof Anne La Flamme (14/06/19)
Immunity and Losing Your Balance
Lecture Notes

Girol Karacaoglu (18/06/19)
Intergenerational Wellbeing and Public Policy
Lecture Notes

Rob McIntosh (28/06/19)
Future Directions in NZ Schooling
Lecture Notes

Holona Lui (02/07/19)
Changing Face of Pasifika
Lecture Notes 

Emeritus Prof Rob Rabel (12/07/19)
Trump, Populism and American Foreign Policy
Lecture Notes

Dr Kennedy Graham (16/07/19)
Existential Risk in the 21st Century
Lecture Notes

Dr Lara Shepherd (19/07/19)
DNA and NZ Plants and Animals
Lecture Notes

Dame Catherine Healy (20/08/19)
Sex Workers Stepping Forward
Lecture Notes 

Prof Richard Beasley (23/08/19)
Challenging Dogma in Clinical Research
Lecture Notes

Richard Keller (27/08/19)
A Multiplicity of Rhapsodies
Lecture Notes

Assoc Prof Bronwyn Kivell (30/08/19)
Pain, Opioids and the Gobal Addiction Crisis
Lecture Notes

Deirdre Tarrant (03/09/19)
Dance Teacher Taonga
Lecture Notes

Prof Rawinia Higgins (06/09/19)
Should we all have some knowledge of Te Reo?
Lecture Notes

Craig Nicholson (10/09/19)
Transmission Gully – from Concept to Construction
Lecture Notes 

Redmer Yska (13/09/19)
Meandering with Mansfield
Lecture Notes 

Anne Else (20/09/19)
NZ’s Adoption Laws
Lecture Notes

Thomas Nash (24/09/19)
Progressive Leadership 
Lecture Notes

Colin James (27/09/19)
After Jacinda
Lecture Notes

Paul Dunham (15/10/19)
Sound Sculptures
Lecture Notes

Kirsten Mason (22/10/19)
Orchestra Wellington
Lecture Notes
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Dr Alastair McDonald (25/10/19)
The Sustainability of Our Publicly Funded Health System
Lecture Notes

Brigadier Roger Mortlock (29/10/19)
Bougainville Conflict 20 Years On
Lecture Notes

Dr Wendy Nolan Joyce (01/11/19)
Scandalous Past-times of the Parisian Belle Epoque
Lecture Notes