Wellington City U3A Award

The fund shall be known as the “Wellington City U3A Award”. It shall be used to assist students, 55 years of age or over, for expenses incurred during their studies. These students should not be in full-time employment.

Selection criteria
Candidates must be enrolled in a course of study at Victoria University of Wellington in the year of application. A brief outline of the course of study and the expected benefits to the community must be provided.

This Award can be held concurrently with other prizes and scholarships.

  • Number of awards offered: One per year
  • Value: $2,000 each year
  • Tenure: One year
  • Closing date:1 October each year

Students will apply using the application form available. The Award will be made on the basis of the academic costs to be incurred by the student in the year of application. A brief supporting statement with this information must be included in the application.

The Award shall be made on the recommendation of the Scholarships Committee or, in the case of a postgraduate student, the Research Scholarships Committee. The nomination of the student will then be approved by the U3A Wellington City committee.

The successful applicant will be required to speak at a meeting of the U3A Wellington City about their research or course of study during the second semester of the year at a mutually agreed date.