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Due to the coordinator’s absence in October, there will be little opportunity for visits in those holidays, so we’ll make the most of the first two holidays of the year in April and August.  Times will be advised here and on the screen at lectures.


Friday 17 April                               Matiu/Somes Island with Gerald Rawson
(Three hours)

Gerald is a most knowledgeable guide and regularly volunteers his time with us. He is fully conversant with the Maori heritage of the Island, as with the various uses it has served in European times as a human or animal quarantine station, farm, wartime internment camp, defence battery, etc. (No cost)

Saturday 18 April                          Trip to Stonehenge Aotearoa
(Eight hours)

Designed specifically for its location in the Wairarapa, the monument combines modern scientific knowledge with ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Celtic, Polynesian, and Maori astronomy.  Richard and Kay are delighted to show off their henge with the help of an excellent video presentation and walkabout.  90 U3A members have been on previous visits taking the opportunity of Gold Card use on the trains.
($35 per person)

Tuesday 21 April                          Visit to Bata Boot Factory, Happy Valley
(One hour plus travel)

In addition to the manufacture of gumboots, the factory holds a display of all Bata imports of sports and leisure footwear, handbags, etc. at wholesale prices.
(No cost)

Friday 24 April                              Visits to Beacon Hill Signal Station
(2 x One hour)

Small groups only can visit the harbour entrance command post before or after the shift change for the 24/7 staff. Successful visits last year have encouraged a repeat performance.
(No cost)


And to take up some of the suggestions from last year’s survey, we can look forward to new and old events in the August holidays, such as a different Secret Art Walk through the University Art Collection with Viv Morrell, along with other possibilities such as return visits to Malaghan Institute and NIWA, and visits to the Holocaust Centre, Pataka Art Gallery, the Indian Temple. Orangomai Marae and Expressions Art Gallery.
(These also to be advised)

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Final details will be confirmed about these events when you register



Summary of Activities for 2019

                 2019                                                                     Attendance 

15       NZ School of Dance, Newtown                                                  22

16       Beacon Hill Signal Station, Strathmore Park                               10

23        Matiu Somes Island                                                                13

26        Beacon Hill Signal Station, Strathmore Park                              10


2        Midwinter Luncheon  Speaker – Tom Frewen                               92


2        Invitation to NZ School of Dance, Te Whaea                                18


1        Supreme and Old High Courts                                                    25

9        Malaghan Institute of Medical Research                                       30

13        NIWA, Evans Bay                                                                    20


25        NZ School of Dance, Te Whaea, Newtown                                   22


1        Walk Wellington with Gavin Mickell                                              20

10       Orongomai Marae, Upper Hutt, and Expressions Art Gallery  

31      Volunteer & Group Leaders Gathering                                          50


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