Important Email Information

Vodafone has announced that, as from 21 August 2019, it will discontinue its email forwarding service. This means that, if you still have a Vodafone email account, emails sent to it after 21 August will no longer reach you.
According to our database, many members are still using Vodafone email accounts. These include email addresses with the following suffixes –
We strongly recommend that you change your email address without further delay, and tell us your new address (by emailing the Membership Secretary at If you haven’t done this by 21 August, you will no longer receive U3A emails.
Unsubscribing (using the link at the foot of our messages) automatically removes you from our email list. If you’ve inadvertently done this and you want to start receiving our emails again, please contact the Membership Secretary at the email address above.
Please do not reply to this email. We aren’t able to action your reply.
If you know of another member who is experiencing difficulty in receiving U3A emails, please pass this message on.