Nominations for Committee Members

Two new committee members are required to replace Chris Winstanley and Roger Chapman, who are retiring after completing their 5 year terms. A nomination form can be downloaded here if you would like to join the committee or know someone who would be interested to join. Print and fill in the form and forward it to Peter Hatfield before the AGM, which takes place on 15 September. The form is also available at the last page of the amended August Newsletter.

Anyone interested in the committee positions please contact Peter Hatfield: phone 04 384 7046.

Guided tour of Iran in 2018

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Participants needed for research survey on housing for the ageing population in New Zealand

Research title: Housing alternatives for an ageing population in New Zealand: a resource assessment

My name is Faeze (Fatemeh) Yavari, PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington. I am looking for volunteers to complete a computer-based survey. This topic may be of particular interest to those of you who intend to downsize in the near future.

As a participant in this survey, you would be asked to look at a number of proposed floor plans and comment on these. The study will take 15-30 minutes for you to complete. In appreciation of your time, five grocery vouchers with the value of $30 each will be offered through a lottery to participants of this study. Participants must be 55-85 years old. If you do not fall into this category, I would appreciate you sending this through your networks as appropriate.

If you are eligible and interested, please click on the link below:

The study has been reviewed and approved by Victoria University Human Ethics Committee.

Further information about the survey can be found by clicking here.

Please, if you change your email address, let the Membership Secretary know promptly to avoid missing out on notices. Send your new address to:

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The University of Otago in Wellington would like help in finding people to assist with their teaching programme run by the University in Wellington, in which patients from the community go to the school and under the supervision of medical teachers participate in teaching sessions with their medical students.

The University is searching for patients with interesting and common medical signs who would be available to help in these teaching sessions. These sessions are supervised by a senior lecturer/doctor but no diagnosis or treatment is offered. The sessions will be purely for student education. This project has been reviewed and approved by the Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia, University of Otago, Wellington.

You do not need to be currently ill to help. The students would benefit from talking to anyone with any chronic complaint such as problems with the heart or breathing, diabetes, joints, skin, liver or kidney complaints. It would be especially helpful to find people with medical conditions that students can see, hear or measure such as a heart murmur, high blood pressure, a rash, joint swellings, or an irregular pulse.

Patients are not paid for their time, but the University does contribute towards any transport costs and parking.

If anyone requires further information or a brochure please contact Susan Kiddle on 04 806 1896 or

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The fund shall be known as the “Wellington City U3A Award”. It shall be used to assist students, 55 years of age or more, for expenses incurred during their studies. These students should not be in full-time employment.

Selection criteria

Candidates must be enrolled in a course of study at Victoria University of Wellington in the year of application. The Award will be made on the basis of the academic costs to be incurred by the student in the year of application. A brief supporting statement with this information must be included in the application.

This Award can be held concurrently with other prizes and scholarships.

Number of awards offered: One per year

Value: $2,000 each year

Tenure:One year

Closing date:1 October each year


Students will apply using the application form available. The Award will be made on the basis of the academic costs to be incurred by the student in the year of application. A brief supporting statement with this information must be included in the application.


The Award shall be made on the recommendation of the Scholarships Committee or, in the case of a postgraduate student, the Research Scholarships Committee. The nomination of the student will then be approved by the Wellington City U3A.


The successful applicant will be required to speak at a meeting of the Wellington City U3A about their research or course of study during the second semester of the year at a mutually agreed date.

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Dr Heidi Thomson (VUW) draws U3A members’ attention to the Graduate Diploma in Arts programme at Victoria University of Wellington. Further information about the programme can found in the brochure that can be viewed and downloaded here.

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