Material from lectures

From time to time speakers provide material relevant to their lectures that can be posted on our web site. Links to such material will be placed here. Presentations will be available for about 12 months before being removed.

Entries are placed in chronological order.

Cam Smart (5/5/2017)
NZ Radar, Raiders and Speed Cops

Jackie Blue (9/5/2017)
The Role of Business in Achieving Gender Equality

Mark McGuinness (12/5/2017)
Applied Mathematics: Problem Solved

Mike Mendonca (23/5/2017)
Preparing Wellington for the Shocks and Stresses of the 21st Century

Nancy Bertler (26/5/2017)
60 Years of NZ Science Endeavour in Antarctica: Why it is important

Colin Peacock (30/5/2017)
The State of Play in Our Media

Marjan van den Belt (2/6/2017)
VUW: A true-blue green university

Neville Jordan (6/6/2017)
Victoria University: Past, Present & Future

Marco Sonzogni (13/6/2017)
Slides: Heaney and History
YouTube links (Microsoft Word file)

Win Clark (16/6/2017)
Stone Rubble Masonry Buildings

Neil Dodgson (23/6/2017)
Links related to The Past & Future of Virtual Reality

Siah Hwee Ang (30/6/2017)
Economic Developments in China and Asia

Paul Morris (4/7/2017)
New Zealand’s religious diversity

Peter Boshier (25/7/2017)
The office of the Ombudsman – democratic watchdog

Claudia Geiringer (2/8/2017)
Our elusive constitution

Prof. Anne Niemetz (4/8/2017)
Digital media design & wearable technology

Prof. Jim McAloon (8/8/2017)
Brexit & New Zealand

Rosalind McIntosh (11/8/2017)
Sustainable future in NZ

Derek Fry (15/8/2017)
Wellington – Magnet City

Nigel Isaacs (18/8/2017)
What’s wrong with my house?

Rob Keyzers (25/8/2017)
Upping the ante on antibiotics

Christine Bogle (5/9/2017)
Prospects for democracy in Asia-Pacific monarchies

Nigel Isaacs (15/9/2017)
Home Insulation in NZ

Sue Kedgley (19/9/2017)
Womens’ Suffrage

Heidi Thomson (24/10/2017)
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Bill Mansfield (31/10/2017)
Who owns the sea & seabed?
Lecture notes

Justin Lester (20/2/2018)
Wellington Most Liveable City

Richard Hall (6/3/2018)
The Road to Stonehenge