Material from lectures

From time to time speakers provide material relevant to their lectures that can be posted on our web site. Links to such material will be placed here. Presentations will be available for about 12 months before being removed.

Entries are placed in chronological order.

Justin Lester (20/2/2018)
Wellington Most Liveable City

Richard Hall (6/3/2018)
The Road to Stonehenge

Adrian Macey (27/4/2018)
Climate SCOREcard 2018

Bernardine Reid (25/5/2018)
Physical Health or Mental Health?

Jonathon Boston (12/6/2018)
Challenge of governing

Doug Webb (22/6/2018)
Foreign Aid

Bob Kerr (26/6/2018)
Visualising History

Serge Sablyak (6/7/2018)
A New Approach to Criminal Justice

Reg Harris (13/7/2018)
Medical Conditions & Plants

Denise Church (17/7/2018)

Cameron Smart (20/7/2018)
Base isolation

Jo Randerson (24/7/2018)
Can Art Change the World?

Archie Kerr (10/7/2018)
Mens’ Sheds

Anthony Fletcher (17/8/2018)
Cockerell & Hovercraft

Matthew O’Meagher (21/8/2018)
Anti-Nuclear NZ

Graham Hassall (28/8/2018)
Government in the Pacific Islands

Murray Sherwin (31/8/2018)
Productivity – What is it?

David Bibby (4/9/2018)
Electric Cars

Stephanie McIntyre (11/9/2018)
Homeless in New Zealand (video)

Rod Badcock (14/9/2018)

Amanda Moore (18/9/2018)
Educational Psychology

Ken Gorbey (21/9/2018)
Museums as Magical Theatre

John Shewan (28/9/2018)
Tax system for NZ

Chris Whelan (14/10/2018)
Value of Universities

Roger Blakeley (23/10/2018)
Making Wellington Net Zero Carbon

Tom McGrath (26/10/2018)
Prostate cancer

Heidi Thomson (30/10/2018)
John Keats

Thorsten Stanley (2/11/2018)
The Infant Biome